Automated Inspection Systems

In an industry with zero tolerance for errors, it is our job to automate our workflow to deliver with 100% accuracy.  With our automated variable data vision scanning system, the CIT3000, we can inspect your labels in a third of the time compared to the old way of manual inspection. Our system is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant ready and continues to provide fully archived batch records, high speed OCR/OCV inspection for both static and variable text, blemish detection, barcode verification, and both sequential and duplicate checking in a single run.  For you, it means faster turnaround times with unparalleled accuracy that eliminates human inspection errors and only requires a 100% validated inspection.  For multi-lingual booklet labels, randomized single and multi-paneled labels, blank labels, tamper seals, and custom configurations – when accuracy counts, you can count on Citation Healthcare Labels, LLC.