Our booklet labels are completely customizable for any job, large or small.  Our layouts and construction are clean, user-friendly, and reliable.  We offer our booklets in a short and full base configuration, as well as also supplying booklets in a vast array of customizable sizes with up to 48-pages.  We provide contract computerization/randomizations, campaign storage, and all different configurations no matter what the shape and makeup of your clinical trial material.

  • Greater flexibility of site location for global studies with booklets that work for any language.
  • Custom designs to fit any CTM in your packaging strategy.
  • Booklets up to 48 pages will make global distribution more streamlined.
  • Specialized stock components for Refrigerated, Frozen and Cryogenic packaging and storage.
  • Industry-leading timelines that help you get to FDA approval faster!
  • Unique designs for small labeling areas, means no surface is too small.