Richard Bolnick

  • Years at Citation: 35
  • Favorite aspect of the job: Seeing things go from concept to completion through teamwork
  • A surprising fact: I played two D1 sports in college
  • Dream vacation: Australia/New Zealand/Fiji
  • Proudest accomplishment: Raising 3 confident, successful sons
  • Free-Time Enjoyment: Golf/Skiing/Family

Joseph Ruvolo
Director, Operations

  • Years at Citation: 13 years
  • Favorite aspect of the job: My favorite aspect of the job is working with a unique team where each member has a key role in getting a job out the door.  Once a job has left Citation it’s exciting and humbling to know that we are working on projects that have true patient impact. Clinical trials have helped save lives and I’m proud to know that our clients trust us to get quality labels into their hands.
  • A surprising fact: In college I learned how to juggle, spin plates, ride a unicycle and swing on a trapeze. No, I did not go to a clown college.
  • Dream vacation: Disney World
  • Proudest accomplishment: Marrying my best friend and having two children with her
  • Free-time enjoyment: Watching movies, playing hockey and relaxing with my family.

Ann Sisalli
Senior Manager, QA

  • Years at Citation: 9
  • Favorite aspect of the job: My favorite aspect of the jobs is training, problem solving and technical writing
  • A surprising fact: I was in a commercial that ran on TV for 2 years
  • Dream vacation: Hawaii or Australia (for koala bears!)
  • Proudest accomplishment: Raising my 4 children
  • Free-time enjoyment: In my spare time, I love to volunteer and help others, attend many concerts and see Broadway shows.

David Mole
Manager, Label Control

  • Years at Citation: 4
  • Favorite Aspect of the job: Developing my department’s team
  • A surprising fact: I used to be a ghostwriter for a board member/senior executive vice president who managed 3,000 employees at a prestigious Fortune 500 Company
  • Dream vacation: I had the dream vacation with my family whereby we visited several cities in Italy – with Florence being my personal favorite
  • Proudest accomplishment: My daughter who became a doctor with an unbelievable personality and who has helped so many in her charity efforts
  • Free-time enjoyment: Watching the New York Yankees

Stephanie Gajeski
Manager, Project Management

  • Years at Citation: 9
  • Favorite aspect of the job: Being able to find creative solutions to problems that come up every day and working with a great team to create a successful service.
  • A surprising fact: I used to be an actress that performed in sketch comedy shows in the East Village of NYC.
  • Dream vacation: Italy, bouncing from city to city, or Greece.
  • Proudest accomplishment: In life, I’m proudest of my son. He’s just really cool, and I’d like to think I’m partly responsible for that! Professionally, I’m proud of putting together an remarkable team to work with and being able to help them succeed.
  • Free-time enjoyment: Hanging out with my family, watching horror movies, and baking

Robert Putney
Manager, Operations

  • Years at Citation: 5
  • Favorite aspect of the job: The opportunity to face new challenges on a daily basis
  • A surprising fact: I was TIME magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006
  • Dream vacation: A slow-paced and unstructured trip through Europe with time to explore
  • Proudest accomplishment: As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  I find I am unable to think of an accomplishment that stands alone as uniquely significant or important.  I am a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend, an employee, a neighbor; every day these roles present opportunities to accomplish things great and small that I hope I can look back on with pride.
  • Free-time enjoyment: Spending time with family & friends

Graig Daley
Manager, Business Development

  • Years at Citation: 10 Years
  • Favorite aspect of the job: Working together with the Clinical Trial community to drive investigational supplies to approval, in an effort to help save lives.
  • A surprising fact: My wife and I are from the same small town and never knew each growing up.
  • Dream vacation: Vietnam
  • Proudest accomplishment: Being a part of such a collaborative team, to help our industry achieve creative and innovative solutions.
  • Free-time enjoyment: Fishing / Woodworking / Hiking