Shorter Time to Market Is Reshaping Clinical Trial Strategy

Advances in technology over the past decade have catapulted the world forward in every aspect of our economies.  The network of shared knowledge is growing exponentially and with it, new breakthroughs in drug development are constantly evolving.  What has not changed however, is the 20 year patent life on new drug discoveries.  As a new drug developer, you face daunting odds to bring your drug to market in a safe and just as importantly, timely manner in the eyes of the stakeholders.

Labeling Terminology 101

Our customers have told us that label terminology can be confusing. In an effort to make things easier for our customers, we have put together a glossary of some of the most common terms that we use on a daily basis.


ADHESIVE: Located between the face stock and liner, adhered to the back of the face, the adhesive bonds the face to the product with varying degrees of permanence.

APPLICATION TEMPERATURE: The temperature of the product the label material is applied to at the time it is applied.

BLEED: Printing that goes beyond the trim edge to ensure complete coverage of ink.